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Rock & Roll. Photographs by Jini Dellaccio


Dellaccio, Jini. Rock & Roll: Jini Dellaccio. Seattle: The Jini Dellaccio Collection, 2009. First Edition. Printed in an edition of 2000 copies.(signed copies are also available) Large square quarto, approximately 12 x 12". [32pp]. As New. With essays by Larry Reid, as well as an introduction by Barrie R. Jackson, and a biographical note by Barry Herem. Art direction & design by Chuck Pennington. Thirty full-page images, and a handful in color, highlighting the work of this little-known photographer who was at the center of the Northwest rock scene in the 1960's. Some of the images include the Wailers, the Sonics, the Bards, the Daily Flash, Merrilee Rush, Neil Young, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, and others.

A gallery of images is available at the Jini Dellaccio Collection website

Some excerpts from the book:

"Jini Dellaccio still, at 92, thrives on photography. Without illusions she remembers fondly her challenging early years playing saxophone with traveling "girl bands" in the late 1930s and 40s--years that she acknowledges sensitized her to the lives of young people living on the edge in careers that promised nothing but the joy of musical performance. Add to this a period of formal training as an artist at the Art Institute of Chicago, then as a fashion photographer in California and you have--way down the road--the natural making of a career photographing rock groups which she did in the Northwest with fashionista panache in the 1960s. Those years were the height of her career and this book can only be a small portion of its record%u2026. In short Jini created some of the most memorable images of the Northwest's seminal rock music scene as her photos reveal. These images, which influenced a generation or two of other rock photographers, vary from the explosively theatric to the tenderly reverent. They took a lifetime of work-those endless hours in a dark room that are sure, with time and yet newer technologies, to seem increasingly unimaginable." ~ Barry Herem


The Sonics. 1966

"In the summer of 1967 Jini Dellaccio traveled to Los Angeles to photograph the Cowsills for manager and producer Charlie Green. On the day of the scheduled shoot, Dellaccio arrived at Green's office to find that the group had cancelled. Green then announced he had another musician waiting in his lobby that he needed photographed. Dellaccio recalls,

"Charlie and I walked out to the lobby and I could see this young man sitting at the end of a very long bench. He stood up and Charlie said, 'Neil, this is Jini. She's going to take some pictures of you today.'"~ Larry Reid


Neil Young. 1967


The Wailers. 1964

"Outside of an arcane cabal of obsessive record collectors, Jini Dellaccio remains a largely unheralded artist. However, the genius of her imagery and the musicians she so affectionately documented remain powerfully resonant. Much as the Northwest garage music of the era set the stage for irreverent punk rock of the 1970s and the sensational success of Seattle's subsequent "grunge" movement of the 1990s, the innovative approach of Dellaccio served as a template for future generations of documentary rock photographers. Until recently, the fine arts establishment has stigmatized the populist discipline of rock photography.

"Just as the enduring influence of formative Northwest garage rock is gaining widespread recognition, an examination of the timeless visual art of Jini Dellaccio is long overdue." ~Larry Reid, October 2008


Luther Rabb of the Emergency Exit. 1966

"I first viewed Jini Dellaccio's photographs at the Tacoma Art Museum in 1963. I was awestruck by her work-the sense of scale, values, tones and especially the textural nuances of her huge exhibition prints. %u2026 Jini's distinct style inspired numerous regional bands to journey to her Gig Harbor studio/home perched above the Puget Sound. You see her "props" in her work: deciduous trees, conifers, rain, fog, mist, snow, dappled sunlight, shorelines, horizon lines, and distant timberlines. Looking back now, it's clear that Jini Dellaccio is the premier visual interpreter for Northwest rock and roll artists during the '60s and '70s. Jini truly gave Northwest rock and roll its 'mystique'. Here's proof." ~ Barrie R. Jackson

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